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Gloucestershire Independent Living Exhibition Service (GILES)

Is funded by Social Services and gives independent Occupational Therapy advice to aid self-sufficiency. It currently uses a van as a mobile display unit. Their presence in Accessibility Gloucestershire would be additional to that.


Is a city council service and is similar to schemes in operation in more than 230 other towns and cities in the country. It provides battery powered scooters and wheelchairs to help people who have limited mobility - through permanent, or temporary disablement, illness, accident, or age - to use all the facilities in the city centre. Shopmobility currently occupies the site.

The British Red Cross

Is a charity which, among many other services, loans a range of medical equipment, on a short term basis, to people in crisis, be it temporary, or awaiting statutory provision.

Gloucestershire Association for the Blind

Is a charity which will produce a talking newspaper on the premises and provide some equipment free of charge.

GUIDE Information

Is funded by the Area Health Authorities and Gloucestershire Social Services. It is able to offer information clearly in a variety of forms, and do the searching for someone if what they want is not easily at hand. It has existing premises in the city. Their presence in Accessibility Gloucestershire will be additional to that.

A Retailer 

This could be the British Red Cross, or a private company, but not both. It will sell equipment to people with disabilities, at a profit and pay a rent which will help to subsidise the operation of the whole project. The British Red Cross are the preferred retailer because their mark up is considerably smaller than normal retailers, being sized only for the purpose of supporting their medical loan service.